We are a collective of helpers who have come together to nurture, tend to and hold space for the transformation of an awakening world. Whatever you are awakening to, we are here to be your community as you navigate the inevitable waters of change.

There are a number of ways we can connect with each other.  We offer deep and transformative yoga and healing retreats. We have also curated yoga teacher trainings that are based around understanding and exploring the relationship of the physical and subtle energetic body. In addition, we offer a certification for those on the path of becoming a practitioner of the natural healing arts. Our energy healing trainings are designed to guide the empath to a place of understanding their experiences and transforming those experiences into practical applications in todays modern society.  We offer energy healing circles, Reiki attunement, free audio meditation and an interactive blog for you to connect with fellow seekers.  Guided by the energies of service, community and love, it is our honor and privilege to show up for you.